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The8pod: Jonny Fielding

July 18, 2020

Jonny Fielding has had a fantastic career in local league cricket. After leaving Rammy in the early 90s, Trigger spent time in and around a very strong Lancashire set up, before enjoying a number of successful pro-ing stints across the county. He returned to his beloved Acre Bottom in 2010 and led his team to a first title in just under 20 years, amassing 100 Lancashire League wickets in successive seasons. Spurred on by the pleasure of sharing the field with his two sons, Brad and JJ, the knees might not be what they once were but the desire remains untainted. Lets hope there's many more overs left in the tank. Join us for a chat with a hugely popular figure and one of the greatest players Ramsbottom has ever produced. 

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